Sunday, June 17, 2007

I spent a little time with Francis Bacon this morning.
It was a rather good time to go, the gallery was practically empty
aside from a few artists I have seen often but do not really know.
What was interesting to me about Bacon's work is not the over commented on faces, yes we know they are corrupted, disfigured and oddly animal looking. Rather it was the simple suggestion of space that he employed in many paintings. I know I am looking for this in my own work. The figure takes up the foreground and the rest fades. There is no complicated process of space. It is so simple and masterful, it does not take away from the central focus, but leads you right into it. Space often becomes little frames and areas of hue. The hue pushes back the space and in a sense the color itself then creates space, when the values are played with. How utterly simple and I am always tending to try to over complicate in my own work. So a good lesson from Francis today, and I am eager to try it out.
On my way out one of the artists I see but do not know (I am rather shy in person) commented on the show. They are so modern for 1950 don't you think? Hmmm, well I said yes of course. It was interesting how we all are looking for different things and I wanted good ole' Francis to show me space, she wanted to be reminded of the modern. Ahhhhh, today I love painting, love it and I am in my studio ready to correct a painting and give it space. Thanks Francis.

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