Sunday, June 03, 2007

A rather odd day. The bird banding station was closed, sadly. On the way I had to rescue a white rabbit that was on the side of the road. She looked rather ragged and is skinny (you can feel her backbone). She was hopping in the ditch and I was sliding in the cattail muck. Now she is resting well, had a bath and has eaten some food.
Then I had to move a big old female snapping turtle out of the expressway. They are laying eggs and like the soft dirt on the shoulder of the roads. Sometimes they stray and get run over. Luckily I grabbed two bungee cords and slipped them under her. This set up enabled me to carry her off the road without getting snapped by her strong jaws. (never grab them by the tail, they can reach you with their mouth) (always cross them in the direction they are going or they will just go back)
Then finally the rain came after I had some time to plant. It was a welcomed relief from the driest May EVER in this area (and one of the hottest).

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