Friday, March 07, 2008

I remembered the day I discovered the word odd this morning. It was the first time I remembered constructing meaning out of the shapes of letters. A powerful moment in a young life, realizing the connection between pictorial symbol of language and profound meaning. I loved the odd page with its somewhat sedate scenery filled with abrupt juxtapositions of objects that "clearly" did not fit. A yellow wrench in the green tree, a boat in the lawn, all of these little surreal pictures we were supposed to pick out and determine as odd. I loved the odd page, because I realized that I rather enjoyed it, much more then the sedate pictures of ordinary children. I was the odd page and have been ever since.

On another note, when it snowing out and the roads are bad, do not stop quickly. That is recipe for disaster, one which I barely managed to avoid by sliding off of the road. My leg is killing me from pounding on the break to stop. I was lucky since I have driven a car that absolutely sucked in snow and slid often. You learn from feel how to turn into a skid and regain control of the car. So I turned into the skid and barely missed the other car. Anyway I am not going anywhere tonight or tomorrow, not with all this snow-5 inches already and they are saying at least a foot is expected.


Jean said...

My family in Ohio, my friends in NY... everyone is getting blasted.

Stay safe and warm, Corby!

Corby said...

I am just so sick of being indoors!! Aargghhhh,,,