Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am zen, I am the gentle breeze, I am the calm sea, I am the steady tree, I am not nervous about hanging my show. I do not look with a mixture of fear and dread at the empty gallery space I must fill. I do not have doubts about my competence.

I know I am silly but I would not be human if I was not pinched with a bit of nervousness about a show that is the culmination of three years worth of work. I mean if you are not nervous then you run the risk of not being prepared. Plus think of the wave of relief I will be feeling when it is done. So yes, my palms did sweat a bit as I looked into the gallery. I get that way sometimes.

I just want to be his Georgia.


rb said...

i know how you feel

it'll be fine, just breathe through it

and smile......

good luck!

dw said...

Best of luck to you, Corby. I'd love to see some of that work you do beyond these pages.

Corby said...

I did smile and laugh even, it was not bad at all and the show looks beautiful

I do like to keep these things separate but perhaps I will soon.