Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My co-workers know I have this big show coming up that I am setting up Friday. It is hard for people around me not to know since I have given everyone a show card. So I am trying to get through all my daily responsibilities which have increased lately and manage to get everything all ready for the big show.

All in all I am a complete nerve ball. I want so much for it to be really great.

They know that I was seeking the perfect outfit at my favorite expensive European import store. (Danish women are tall I have heard and so am I). So they chipped in and gave me a card full of money to help get the outfit. I was at lunch with my mouth full of pretzel and I tell you it was so lovely and thoughtful that I teared right up. How wonderful to be surrounded by people like that, I am lucky. So many good people are helping me out. I am lucky and grateful,so very grateful.


Jean said...

What a wonderful surprise!
Obviously, you are loved.

Corby said...

I know I am very lucky :-)